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SS07 | Training | Fitness | Nutrition | How to stay in FIGHTING SHAPE

July 2, 2017

Picking up from where they left off, Matt and Jeff discuss keeping yourself in fighting shape through various types of exercise, training programs, and dietary guidelines.

Reflections: 0:33

Resist. Rebel. Rebuild: 2:44

The Dungeon Calls: 6:46

Matt's thoughts on The Dungeon Calls, specifically Commercial Gyms: 9:40

Meal prep: 16:20 Matt and Jeff discuss their individual methods for meal prep, how to cook in bulk quantities, how to budget for meal prep, foods they avoid and recipes

How to stay on track: 34:39

Jeff and Matt discuss the importance of actually knowing your program, following it's instructions, the importance of doing what you like to do, having role models and goals, competing with others, determining the best time of day to train within the rest of your day, having a training partner and not allowing others to sabotage your efforts.

Styles of Training / Workouts: 50:52

Jeff and Matt talk about calisthenics vs free weights, exercise machines, split routines, full body methods, pyramid training, kettle bells, compound vs isolation methods, power lifting and strongmen.

Home Gym vs Going to gym: 1:09:59

Jeff and Matt discus training on a budget, utilizing space, garage vs apartment training, gym memberships and the environment you train in.

Tracking progress: 1:15:06

Jeff and Matt talk about keeping a training log, food log, weight loss measurements, the mirror, etc.

Workout Recovery: 1:25:45

Jeff and Matt go over the importance of sleep, if they supplement, vitamins, post-workout foods

Training with injuries / rehab: 1:32:55

Jeff and Matt talk about training while injured, share stories of injury, Trigger point therapy, training when sick / tired, how to gain flexibility, mobility.

Sample workouts: 1:42:32

Jeff and Matt talk about their personal routines, routines that haven't worked for them, minimalist workouts.

Tool of the week: 1:51:33

Saboteur of the week: 1:53:30

Word association: 1:55:39

Closing thoughts: 1:58:19

Social media: 2:00:45