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SS05 | Business Success Secrets w/ Dave Coulter | Entrepreneurs MUST WATCH

June 18, 2017

Meet Dave Coulter of Daily Driven Exotics. In this episode, Dave discusses business strategies, his failures, his successes and the sacrifices necessary to make it as an entrepreneur. If you desire to run your own company or be financially stable, this is an episode you don't want to miss.

Intro 0:36 

Resist. Rebel. Rebuild 1:35
Wolves: 2:50
Dave's Introduction: 5:27
The beginning 6:20
The first few bucks 9:30
Dave on saving money 11:00
Dave on side projects and failure 12:29
Dave on marital stress 13:40
Dave on Parents Divorce 14:55 
Dave on School 17:14
Dave on 1st management job 18:40
Dave on 1st time real estate 19:20
Dave on work / life balance in relation to the "prize" 23:35
Dave on 1st side job that made money 26:46
Dave on Divorce 30:37
Dave on couch surfing 33:00
Dave on budgeting during initial separation 34:20
Dave's move up in the corporate world 41:22
Dave on appetite for risk 43:18
Dave current projects 47:00
Snowball Rally 52:30
Daily Driven Exotics 58.20
Dave's strategies when he's sick of work 1:00:30
Dave on leveraging social media 1:07:17
Dave on "self time" 1:16:42
Dave on satisfaction 1:20:20
Dave on motivation and fear: 1:24:40
Dave on Networking in an online world: 1:26:40
Dave's routines / methods for success: 1:32:20
Tool of the week: 1:36:05
Saboteur of the week: 1:39:27
Word association with Dave: 1:40:00
Closing thoughts: 1:41:50
Social media plugs 1:53:48