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SS09 | Solitude and Loneliness w/ Rod Freeman

On today's show, we have Jeff's longtime friend, Rod, engage in the discussion of solitude, why people are afraid to be alone, and the benefits of being an introvert.


SS08 | Darkness and Addiction With Derrek Burton

In this episode we welcome Derrek Burton to the show. He talks to us about his path into and out of addiction and how he maintains sobriety. 


SS07 | Training | Fitness | Nutrition | How to stay in FIGHTING SHAPE

Picking up from where they left off, Matt and Jeff discuss keeping yourself in fighting shape through various types of exercise, training programs, and dietary guidelines.

Reflections: 0:33

Resist. Rebel. Rebuild: 2:44

The Dungeon Calls: 6:46

Matt's thoughts on The Dungeon Calls, specifically Commercial Gyms: 9:40

Meal prep: 16:20 Matt and Jeff discuss their individual methods for meal prep, how to cook in bulk quantities, how to budget for meal prep, foods they avoid and recipes

How to stay on track: 34:39

Jeff and Matt discuss the importance of actually knowing your program, following it's instructions, the importance of doing what you like to do, having role models and goals, competing with others, determining the best time of day to train within the rest of your day, having a training partner and not allowing others to sabotage your efforts.

Styles of Training / Workouts: 50:52

Jeff and Matt talk about calisthenics vs free weights, exercise machines, split routines, full body methods, pyramid training, kettle bells, compound vs isolation methods, power lifting and strongmen.

Home Gym vs Going to gym: 1:09:59

Jeff and Matt discus training on a budget, utilizing space, garage vs apartment training, gym memberships and the environment you train in.

Tracking progress: 1:15:06

Jeff and Matt talk about keeping a training log, food log, weight loss measurements, the mirror, etc.

Workout Recovery: 1:25:45

Jeff and Matt go over the importance of sleep, if they supplement, vitamins, post-workout foods

Training with injuries / rehab: 1:32:55

Jeff and Matt talk about training while injured, share stories of injury, Trigger point therapy, training when sick / tired, how to gain flexibility, mobility.

Sample workouts: 1:42:32

Jeff and Matt talk about their personal routines, routines that haven't worked for them, minimalist workouts.

Tool of the week: 1:51:33

Saboteur of the week: 1:53:30

Word association: 1:55:39

Closing thoughts: 1:58:19

Social media: 2:00:45


SS06 | Tactical Living | Self Defense | Combatives | Violence

Living Tactically...what does it mean? How do we go about our everyday lives without forgetting to remain vigilant of our surroundings? The clothes we wear, our mindset, the choices we make, and the training available to us all play a part in self preservation.

Technical glitch disclaimer 0:00 

Intro: 1:20
Reflections 1:33
Resist. Rebel. rebuild 2:14
"Not Today" 5:46
Tactical living meaning : 8:50
First hand examples 9:29
Fear and BS in other people's stories of survival 18:55
Dojo Tactical 26:44 
( Jeff and Matt discuss training with different sizes and shapes of opponent, scenario replication, the testing of techniques, throwing away useless crap, proper mindset and visualization, working on weaknesses, training with people superior to you ).
Jeff explains Senshido's 5 principles of physical retaliation 45:28
Behavioural & non physical tactical methods 50:58
( Jeff and Matt discuss fear management and adrenaline, verbal de-escalation, importance of reading body language, tone of voice, using your brain first, neighbourhood knowledge, education your kids regarding safety, knowing escape routes, the clothing you wear, displaying wealth, parking lot safety and mental clarity ).
Every Day Carry 1:19:42
( Jeff and Matt talk about weapons carried on your person, legal rights/ responsibility )
Blending tactical methods into everyday life 1:31:59
( Jeff and Matt discuss complacency and how to avoid it, tactics for those who don't train martial arts, how to find time, mindset, effective communication, public transportation story, home safety, knowing the law, managing multiple assailants, and stun and run ).
Tool of the week 2:00:10
Saboteur of the week 2:05:12
Word association 2:07:12
Closing thoughts 2:11:53
social media 2:14:41

SS05 | Business Success Secrets w/ Dave Coulter | Entrepreneurs MUST WATCH

Meet Dave Coulter of Daily Driven Exotics. In this episode, Dave discusses business strategies, his failures, his successes and the sacrifices necessary to make it as an entrepreneur. If you desire to run your own company or be financially stable, this is an episode you don't want to miss.

Intro 0:36 

Resist. Rebel. Rebuild 1:35
Wolves: 2:50
Dave's Introduction: 5:27
The beginning 6:20
The first few bucks 9:30
Dave on saving money 11:00
Dave on side projects and failure 12:29
Dave on marital stress 13:40
Dave on Parents Divorce 14:55 
Dave on School 17:14
Dave on 1st management job 18:40
Dave on 1st time real estate 19:20
Dave on work / life balance in relation to the "prize" 23:35
Dave on 1st side job that made money 26:46
Dave on Divorce 30:37
Dave on couch surfing 33:00
Dave on budgeting during initial separation 34:20
Dave's move up in the corporate world 41:22
Dave on appetite for risk 43:18
Dave current projects 47:00
Snowball Rally 52:30
Daily Driven Exotics 58.20
Dave's strategies when he's sick of work 1:00:30
Dave on leveraging social media 1:07:17
Dave on "self time" 1:16:42
Dave on satisfaction 1:20:20
Dave on motivation and fear: 1:24:40
Dave on Networking in an online world: 1:26:40
Dave's routines / methods for success: 1:32:20
Tool of the week: 1:36:05
Saboteur of the week: 1:39:27
Word association with Dave: 1:40:00
Closing thoughts: 1:41:50
Social media plugs 1:53:48

SS04 | Worth Fighting For | Preparing for a STREET FIGHT

In this episode, Matt and Jeff discuss when you either should or should not get involved in a violent confrontation. With so many people not willing to fight for anything anymore, the words in this episode are paramount to the current times.

Intro 0:22

Reflections 2:00

Resist. Rebel. Rebuild 9:08

Chamber of change 11:12

What is worth fighting for? 15:15

Disrespect of you or loved one 16:17

CCTV breakdown 17:28

Bullying 20:58

Personal safety / family safety 24:25

Those taking advantage of the truly vulnerable 27:31

Difficult neighbour 28:47

Career goals 34:06

Mentality 38:38

Gameness : 45:12

Instant gratification 51:46

Built from experiences 56:15

Fighting with stronger men 57:00

Character and heart 58:00

Suffering and sanctuary 1:00:48

Violence hypocrisy / fear 1:05:42

Personal experiences 1:08:14 Jeff

Personal experience 1:13:00 Matt

When seconds count......1:16:34

Malaysia Jeff story 1:18:14

Benefits of training for violence 1:27:40

When to dispose of words: 1:32:55

Why people are afraid to fight 1:37:12

Tool of the Week: 1:38:30

Word association 1:41:46

Closing thoughts 1:44:24

Support 1:49:50


SS03 | Resist. Rebel. Rebuild | Freedom | Discipline

In this episode, Matt and Jeff discuss the slogan of Saboteur Squad - "Resist. Rebel. Rebuild."

Find out how these three words can change your life, get you out of a rut, and keep you hungry for passion and success.


Intro / social media 0:00

Reflections 1:18
Topic / slogan of the three R's 2:36
You Are Fire 5:50
Resist 9:33
Rebel 31:02
Rebuild 50:49
Tool of the week 1:14:06
Saboteur of the week Matt 1:18:50
Closing thoughts 1:26:36
Support 1:34:15

SS02 | Us and Them | True Friends

In this episode, Matt and Jeff break own the variables between knowing who your real friends are, and who isn't. Also included are some critical components of letting someone into your group.

Podcast website:

Jeff's Blog

Intro/Social links 0:24

Reflections 2:27

Resist Rebel. Rebuild 5:50

Brotherless Men 15:22

True friends: 28:36

Stories of friendship Jeff : 30:16

Stories of friendship matt: 37:12

Forming friendships: 41:36

Maintaining friendships: 47:19

Real friends vs acquaintances: 1:00:00

Criteria for friends: 1:06:23

What do potential new friends offer your group? 1:12:15

Ending friendships 1:14:24

Tool of the week 1:25:40

Saboteur of the week 1:31:19

Word association: 1:34:43

Closing thoughts: 1:38:09



SS01 | Preparatory Men | Introduction | Martial Arts Talk

In this episode, Matt and Jeff go over the underlying principles behind Saboteur Squad, where they plan on taking the podcast, as well as breaking the ice by discussing various martial arts topics.


0:00 - Opening

0:50 - Preparatory Men

3:30 - Saboteur Squad

16:05 - Background Check

19:50 - Upcoming episodes

28:10 - Combative Heart

34:25 - Combative Talk - Matt and Jeff's Backgrounds

48:25 - Training Methods

1:02:20 - Traditional vs Practical

1:08:50 - Belt Factories vs Legit Dojos

1:14:10 - Technique vs Savagery

1:19:40 - Tool of the Week

1:26:40 - Word Association

1:28:00 - Closing Thoughts